Ep 268. Duncan Hose: The dead talk

O’Hara, Berrigan, Forbes, and other animals.

Show notes

The Pursuit of Myth in the Poetry of Frank O’Hara, Ted Berrigan and John Forbes: Prick’d by Charm by Duncan Hose

Ted Berrigan

Ron Padgett

Jorge Luis Borges

Walt Whitman

Berrigan’s 10 things I do every day

To the bobbydazzlers by John Forbes

Berrigan’s Sonnets

The Personal Element in Australian Poetry by James McAuley

Henry Kendall

Ern Malley

Clark Coolidge

Berrigan reads Whitman in Black

O’Hara reads Having a Coke with You


Gig Ryan

Alan Wearne

Ken Bolton

Auden’s Letter to Lord Byron

Justin Clemens

Pam Brown

Arthur Streeton

Alice Notley

Eileen Myles

Jane Kenyon

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Ep 267. Writing for revenge


Show notes

Chocolate nemesis

The Tour by pi o

Getting Shirty by Lucy Van

Geoff Page reviews The Tour

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron’s notes on crazymakers

Out of Sheer Rage by Geoff Dyer

Anne Sexton

Read Anne Sexton’s Response to Her Worst-Ever Review by Emily Temple

James Dickey

The Black Art by Anne Sexton

Town Bloody Hall (1979)

What My Writing Nemesis Taught Me About Myself by Jen Corrigan


Enemies by Wendell Berry

Alain de Botton’s meltdown and apologies

SLEERICKETS Ep 149: Owls in the Desert & Ep 143: The Problems of Three Little People

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Ep 266. Poetry camp

Cats don’t know things, but you do!

Show notes

Television by Kate Middleton

Isabella G. Mead

Venus Without Furs by Gabrielle Everall

Joshua Mehigan

What is a poetry magazine for? by Victoria Moul

Ep 262. Ann-Marie Priest: Secret Gwen Harwood Business

Ep 259. It means what it says

David makes Ratbag Poetics

Notes on “Camp” by Susan Sontag

Phillip Hodgins

Crazy Woman and Other Poems by Anne Elder

The Anne Elder Award

Maggie Ball

Ep 265. The Internet is for poems

That Peculiar Affirmative by Jonathan Farmer


10 Poems about Gardens

The quote about the void is from the Steve Martin documentary, which I liked a lot.

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Ep 265. The Internet is for poems

Poetry ≠ therapy?

Show notes

There’s a lot of swearing in this episode.

It also gets quite dark.

The Friendless podcast guy

What happened when I went for therapy — at a poetry retreat by Ian Belcher

Deborah Alma’s Poetry Pharmacy

Why the Internet isn’t fun anymore by Kyle Chakra

Kiefer Sutherland


The Possible Dream (Buying Jeans Online) by Melinda Bufton


Arthur C. Brooks

Permission Culture Needs to Stop by Elissa Krauss

Thank you, beautiful Jo Ward

A Quiet Sorcery by Ovidian

Good Bones by Maggie Smith

Andrew Scott reading Everything is Going to Be Alright

Tawny Frogmouth

Wisdom: The Voice of God by Mary Karr

Mary Oliver

Manchester by the Sea (2016)

Healing Through Words by Rupi Kaur

Ep 254. with Antonia Pont (on wellness culture)

Poetry Therapy: Theory and Practice by Nicholas Mazza

Poetry, Therapy and Emotional Life by Diana Hedges

3 Hours of Gentle Night Rain, Rain Sounds for Sleeping


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Ep 264. A poet of the future

The rest is still unwritten…

Show notes

Anyone But You (2023)

The Hills

Kyle & Morgan

Kevin Kelly

Carl Sagan

Stewart Brand

R. Buckminster Fuller

The Geodesic dome

Becoming Bucky Fuller by Loretta Lorance

Business and Poetry by Dana Gioia

Bucky’s poetry books Intuition, No More Secondhand God, And It Came To Pass—Not To Stay

New Directions’ Black Mountain Poems

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

Utopia or Oblivion: The Prospects for Humanity

The Mercator projection

The Dymaxion Map

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Ep 263. Water-dragon blues

“There’s a damp melancholy / in Tang poetry…”

Show notes

Poetry as therapy. Thoughts? Email me.

Ep 262. with Ann-Marie Priest

Ep 222. Grilling Elijah Blumov (on Harwood’s ‘Prize-Giving’)

Elijah covers ‘At Mornington’ on Versecraft

300 Tang Poems translated by Geoffrey Waters, Michael Farman & David Lunde

Li Bai

Du Fu

In Our Time: Tang Era Poetry

The eight Daoist immortals

The Mandarin Moralist and the Reckless Rebel: the Improbable Literary Friendship of Du Fu and Li Bai by Bryce Christensen

Dreaming of Li Bai translated by Mike Connors

Dreaming of Li Bai translated by Burton Watson

Dreaming of Li Bai translated by Vikram Seth

A version of the original Chinese text

Various definitions of Jiangnan

Various definitions of jiaolong

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Ep 262. Ann-Marie Priest: Secret Gwen Harwood Business

“We are our own.”

Show notes

Come to the launch of Kate Middleton’s Television!

Ratbag Poetics on Spotify

My Tongue is My Own by Ann-Marie Priest

Gwen Harwood

Woman to Man by Judith Wright

James McAuley

Eliza Cook

Vincent Buckley

The Harwood Memorial Fruitcake Award


Gig Ryan

A. D. Hope

Vivian Smith

Norman Talbot

Blessed City: The Letters of Gwen Harwood to Thomas Riddell

Stephen Edgar

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Ep 261. Weird funemployment

Today’s best worker takes gardening leave.

Show notes

Come to the launch of Kate Middleton’s Television!

Asynchrony by Josephine Rowe

Ep 260. with Dom Symes

Weird Unemployment, Unusual Work by Louis Klee

A Hunger by Petra White

Ep 84. with Petra White 

Ep 221. with pi o and Collective Effort

The Instrument by Les Murray


Off the Record

Jas Duke 

Harry Reid

Ursula Robinson-Shaw

Gareth Morgan

Girlery, Superette & Moxie by Melinda Bufton

The right-to-disconnect laws

Ep 258. with Grace Yee

The Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards

Benjamin Frater

SLEERICKETS secret show Ep 84. Screeching at the Converted

On the Diaries of Helen Garner and the Quagmire of the Fictionalized Self

Ep 254. with Antonia Pont

Ann Marie-Priest

Gwen Harwood

Louise Carter

Jennifer Compton

Vibe Union

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Ep 260. Dom Symes: Trojan Horse of emotion

Stop rock climbing, interrogate your life.

Show notes

Dom Symes’ book I Saw the Best Memes of My Generation

Ken Bolton

Thom Gunn

Mick Jagger and David Bowie ‘were lovers’

La Mama Poetica

Ep 209. Funny ha ha

On The Beach: A Bicentennial Poem by John Forbes

If I Had a Gun by Gig Ryan

pi o

Ania Walwicz

The Hatred of Poetry by Ben Lerner

Ocean Vuong

Dropbear by Evelyn Araluen

Totem by Luke Davies

William Fox

Googlecholia by Michael Farrell

‘Bombala Boss’: Harry Reid in Conversation with Michael Farrell

Brunswick Bound

Starter pack memes

dumb sober bitch

Barbecue Shapes

Kevin watch the light dude

you feel so nice

ancient forgotten animal vines to watch when you’re depressed af

Joshua Mehigan

Weird Unemployment, Unusual Work by Louis Klee

fix by Michael Dransfield

Leave Me Alone by Harry Reid

When a Punk Becomes a Spunk by Gareth Morgan

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Ep 259. It means what it says

Sha-la-la-la, la-la-la, la.

Show notes

Sharks’ Teeth by Kay Ryan

Ratbag Poetics

Illness as Metaphor by Susan Sontag

The Volcano Lover

Past Present Future with David Runciman

Desperately Seeking Susan by Terry Castle

Against Interpretation

If Not, Winter (Carson’s Sappho)

Fagles’ Aeneid

Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock


Richard Brody

In America

The Bear

True Detective: Night Country

Walt Whitman: He Had His Nerve by Randell Jarrell

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