Ep 228. Ken Bolton: Generations telling each other jokes

“Head first into the beautiful accident.”

Ken Bolton
Ken’s poem Beginning at Basheer’s Coffee Shop
The Australian Experimental Art Foundation
Imprints Booksellers
John Tranter
Ern Malley
Robert Adamson
Laurie Duggan
Pam Brown
John Forbes
Dazed in the Ladies Lounge by John Tranter
Ode to Col Joye, Tranter’s cheeky poem for Ken
John Jenkins
Jacket magazine
Alan Wearne
John A. Scott
Gig Ryan
‘The anthology’: The New Australian Poetry edited by Tranter
Jennifer Maiden
The Best Of All Possible Poems by John Forbes
The epigrams of Martial by Laurie Duggan
Ken’s Penguin selected
Fantastic Day, which includes ‘Letter to John Forbes’, ‘Yours Cordially’, ‘Birds of Rome’ and ‘The Facts’
The Provincialism Problem by Terry Smith

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