274. Affinities and attentions

“So many dead mutants with grudges…”

flight animals by Bronwyn Lea

Hyperbole by Belinda Rule

Apollo Bay by William Fox

That secret show episode


Joshua Mehigan’s essay I thought you were a poet

Strangers in Paradise

Gig Ryan

Eileen Myles

Alice Notley

James Schuyler

The Female Homer by Jeremy Downes

Donna Haraway

The Pioneer by Frederick McCubbin (he lives, she dies)

The Bridge in-curve by Grace Cossington-Smith

The Bar by John Brack

Moonrise by David Davies

The Heidelberg School

The Everyman series

The Battle for Attention by Nathan Heller

Jonathan Farmer

The Conversation

Search Engine: Is there a sane way to use the internet?

Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey by Hayden Carruth

Graves by Hayden Carruth

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love by Christopher Marlowe

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Ep 273. Submit.


Fully half my brain is Spaced

The Grinder

Chill Subs


Jessica Wilkinson

Bonny Cassidy

The Empty Show

Michael Farrell

Elijah Blumov

Joshua Mehigan

Matthew Buckley Smith

Ryan Wilson

white nonsense

To my artist friends

The Dorothy Porter episodes Pt 1 & 2

The Bear

Cold Turkey by Joshua Mehigan (it’s not “my” it’s “our” in his)

Happiness by Jane Kenyon

I have no idea why I was so weird about Pretty Woman. Perfect film.

You are loved and missed, Bella.

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Ep 272. Eva Birch: What’s the tea?

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

‘Bombala Boss’: Harry Reid in Conversation with Michael Farrell

The Melbourne School of Literature on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

D. Perez McVie

Elese Dowden

Lucy Van

James Jiang

Joshua Mehigan

Psychoanalysis, an Elegy by Jack Spicer

The House that Jack Built: The Collected Lectures of Jack Spicer

Autumn Royal

Yale’s Milton lectures

Landspeed Records

Michael Farrell

Does mental illness beget great poetry? These 4 poets exposed the sickness of a society that sought to contain them by George Mouratidis

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Ep 271. Love again

There’s something wrong with your priest.

The Odes of Horace translated by David Ferry

Our Horace episode on SLEERICKETS

Getting Horace Across by J. Kates

Horace iv.i ‘To Venus’

The Essential Horace translated by Burton Raffel

Late Night Ode by J. D. McClatchy

The Balcony by David Brooks

Fully Booked

The Penguin Book of Chinese Verse

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Ep 270. Jonathan Farmer: “I don’t think I love poetry.”

The poetry bus looks fun, but…

Show notes

Recent SLEERICKETS: Paging Dr. Platzmouth & Against Literary Citizenship

That Peculiar Affirmative by Jonathan Farmer

The Fish and At The Fishhouses by Elizabeth Bishop

Finding a Long Gray Hair by Jane Kenyon

Alan Shapiro

Jonathan’s review of Colm Tóibín’s book On Elizabeth Bishop

Departing Afghanistan by William H. McRaven

James McAuley

Epitaph on a Tyrant by W. H. Auden

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Ep 269. Another ending

On not being up to the task.

An ode to the end of poetry by Stan Grant

Erik Jensen

Stan Grant leaves Q+A

Tracy K. Smith

The Slowdown

K & I track Nam Le’s poem Abbotsford I

36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem by Nam Le

A Poet’s Reckoning with What Poetry Can Do by Hanif Abdurraqib

Hanif Abdurraqib’s latest podcast Object of Sound

Modern Poetry by Diane Seuss

Ikiru (1952)

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Thomas Shapcott

The Australian Dream (2019)

Philippa Hawker’s review of Anne Carson’s Wrong Norma

Nox by Anne Carson

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Ep 268. Duncan Hose: The dead talk

O’Hara, Berrigan, Forbes, and other animals.

Show notes

The Pursuit of Myth in the Poetry of Frank O’Hara, Ted Berrigan and John Forbes: Prick’d by Charm by Duncan Hose

Ted Berrigan

Ron Padgett

Jorge Luis Borges

Walt Whitman

Berrigan’s 10 things I do every day

To the bobbydazzlers by John Forbes

Berrigan’s Sonnets

The Personal Element in Australian Poetry by James McAuley

Henry Kendall

Ern Malley

Clark Coolidge

Berrigan reads Whitman in Black

O’Hara reads Having a Coke with You


Gig Ryan

Alan Wearne

Ken Bolton

Auden’s Letter to Lord Byron

Justin Clemens

Pam Brown

Arthur Streeton

Alice Notley

Eileen Myles

Jane Kenyon

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Ep 267. Writing for revenge


Show notes

Chocolate nemesis

The Tour by pi o

Getting Shirty by Lucy Van

Geoff Page reviews The Tour

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron’s notes on crazymakers

Out of Sheer Rage by Geoff Dyer

Anne Sexton

Read Anne Sexton’s Response to Her Worst-Ever Review by Emily Temple

James Dickey

The Black Art by Anne Sexton

Town Bloody Hall (1979)

What My Writing Nemesis Taught Me About Myself by Jen Corrigan


Enemies by Wendell Berry

Alain de Botton’s meltdown and apologies

SLEERICKETS Ep 149: Owls in the Desert & Ep 143: The Problems of Three Little People

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Ep 266. Poetry camp

Cats don’t know things, but you do!

Show notes

Television by Kate Middleton

Isabella G. Mead

Venus Without Furs by Gabrielle Everall

Joshua Mehigan

What is a poetry magazine for? by Victoria Moul

Ep 262. Ann-Marie Priest: Secret Gwen Harwood Business

Ep 259. It means what it says

David makes Ratbag Poetics

Notes on “Camp” by Susan Sontag

Phillip Hodgins

Crazy Woman and Other Poems by Anne Elder

The Anne Elder Award

Maggie Ball

Ep 265. The Internet is for poems

That Peculiar Affirmative by Jonathan Farmer


10 Poems about Gardens

The quote about the void is from the Steve Martin documentary, which I liked a lot.

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Ep 265. The Internet is for poems

Poetry ≠ therapy?

Show notes

There’s a lot of swearing in this episode.

It also gets quite dark.

The Friendless podcast guy

What happened when I went for therapy — at a poetry retreat by Ian Belcher

Deborah Alma’s Poetry Pharmacy

Why the Internet isn’t fun anymore by Kyle Chakra

Kiefer Sutherland


The Possible Dream (Buying Jeans Online) by Melinda Bufton


Arthur C. Brooks

Permission Culture Needs to Stop by Elissa Krauss

Thank you, beautiful Jo Ward

A Quiet Sorcery by Ovidian

Good Bones by Maggie Smith

Andrew Scott reading Everything is Going to Be Alright

Tawny Frogmouth

Wisdom: The Voice of God by Mary Karr

Mary Oliver

Manchester by the Sea (2016)

Healing Through Words by Rupi Kaur

Ep 254. with Antonia Pont (on wellness culture)

Poetry Therapy: Theory and Practice by Nicholas Mazza

Poetry, Therapy and Emotional Life by Diana Hedges

3 Hours of Gentle Night Rain, Rain Sounds for Sleeping


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