Ep 193. Prize fight

Eleanor & I get all judgey.

Show notes

Eleanor’s Forward Prize reviews
Scattered Snows to the North by Carl Phillips
I’m Shouting I LOVED YOUR DAD at my Brother’s Cat by Cecelia Knapp
Pollen by Clare Pollard
Dog on a British Airways Airbus 319-100 by Louisa Campbell
Up Late by Nick Laird
Evelyn Araluen’s Stella Prize acceptance speech
Jacques Roubaud
Outro: DJ Kal – What Hand Feeds You? (Taylor Swift vs. Nine Inch Nails)

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Ep 192. Erik Jensen: Intimacy and trespass

“The space I felt between me and the world I was always filling with journalism. Poetry utterly collapsed that space.”

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Ep 191. John Forbes, a Pastoral pt. 2

‘…& said quietly, ‘Sir, sir’ / & heroin let him leave the room.’

With thanks to Ken, Lou, Alan, Ben, Aidan, K, Cameron, Liam, Matthew & Eleanor.

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Ep 190. John Forbes, a Pastoral pt. 1

‘it’s fun to take speed / & stay up all night…’

With thanks to Eleanor, Lou & Liam.

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Ep 189. Tracy Ryan: Infinite pie

“I don’t believe rules are absolute.”

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Ep 188. Ursula Robinson-Shaw: Beast Mode

Contains adult themes.

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Ep 187. Peak poetry

The black swan of trespass is coming for us all.

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Ep 186. Sensitive New Right Guy

Is poetry ever propaganda?

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Ep 185. Big sad poetry friendship

Or, When Robert met Lizzy.

(With yet more thanks to K.)

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Ep 184. Gareth Morgan: Vagabond

“We live in such a strange world. It’s weird to create monuments to it.”