Ep 234. Not reading My Life

Declaring literary bankruptcy.

Lyn Hejinian’s My Life
Jess Wilkinson
Bonny Cassidy
Language poetry
Ron Silliman’s The Alphabet
ModPo video on My Life
Dr. Elese Dowden
Ground Provisions by Tonika Sealy Thomson Stefano Harney
Matthew’s excellent interview with Shane McRae
The Brick interview with Percival Everett
Mythology by Edith Hamilton
True Stories by Helen Garner
Time Capsule by David Ireland
Paradise Books
Sainsburys Books (Camberwell not Hawthorn, great poetry collection)
Crazy Woman by Anne Elder
Ask Me by Fay Zwicky
DMZ Colony by Don Mee Choi
Against (the Very Idea of) Procrastination by Antonia Pont
Outro: I don’t want to play in your yard by Peggy Lee

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I wasn’t procrastinating I was listening to SLEERICKETS