Ep 231. On the couch with Alison J Barton

A casual chat about psychoanalysis, feminism & The Voice.

Alison J Barton



Justin Clemens

You Will Not Know In Advance What You’ll Feel by Antonia Pont

Kimberlé Crenshaw’s theory of intersectionality

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice (‘The Voice’)

Williamstown Literary Festival

Ep 96. with Jeanine Leane

Ep 70. with Claire Gaskin

Ep 188. with Ursula Robinson-Shaw

J.K. Rowling and The Witch Trials of J. K. Rowling by Contrapoints

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Ep 230. Matt Wall is sick of being angry

I made one cut in the intro because a pause was too long i’m so sorry

Show notes

The I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

Matt’s interview with me

The Blood Rag & The Bloodshed Review

Matt’s episode about poets not promoting their work

Matt’s episode about AI

Matt’s books & chapbooks

The Poetic Anarchy workshop

Monsters in the Mouth by Bunny Wilde

My interview with Paul Kane

Brian Brodeur’s review of Rhyme’s Rooms: The Architecture of Poetry by Brad Leithauser

Eileen Myles

The Rod McKuen episode of Slate’s Decoder Ring

SLEERICKETS with Alexis Sears and with Shane McCrae

Intro/outro: To be loved by you by Matt Wall

Ep 229. Vintage gossip

Messrs Poetry on what is excellent, bad, fatal, useless, tame, “fluxive” & the best.

Show notes

Ep 228. with Ken Bolton

The New Australian Poetry edited by John Tranter

A Possible Contemporary Poetry: Interviews with thirteen poets from The New Australian Poetry by Martin Duwell

New Poetry edited by Robert Adamson (I’m reading from Vol. 23 No. 3, 1975)

The New American Poetry 1945-1960 edited by Donald Allen

Contemporary American Poetry edited by Donald Hall

Henry Lawson

A.D. Hope

pi o on bookshops and many other things, including Fitzrot

Dialogue with John Forbes by Nigel Roberts

Alan Wearne

Ode to Tropical Skiing by John Forbes

Vicki Viidikas

Jennifer Maiden

Rex Ingamells and the Jindyworobaks

Nothing is as effective as defeat by Charles Bukowski

Matt Wall






The Poet Tasters by Ben Etherington

Intro/outro: The Easybeats work out Step Back

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Contemporary American Poetry edited by SLEERICKETS

Ep 228. Ken Bolton: Generations telling each other jokes

“Head first into the beautiful accident.”

Ken Bolton
Ken’s poem Beginning at Basheer’s Coffee Shop
The Australian Experimental Art Foundation
Imprints Booksellers
John Tranter
Ern Malley
Robert Adamson
Laurie Duggan
Pam Brown
John Forbes
Dazed in the Ladies Lounge by John Tranter
Ode to Col Joye, Tranter’s cheeky poem for Ken
John Jenkins
Jacket magazine
Alan Wearne
John A. Scott
Gig Ryan
‘The anthology’: The New Australian Poetry edited by Tranter
Jennifer Maiden
The Best Of All Possible Poems by John Forbes
The epigrams of Martial by Laurie Duggan
Ken’s Penguin selected
Fantastic Day, which includes ‘Letter to John Forbes’, ‘Yours Cordially’, ‘Birds of Rome’ and ‘The Facts’
The Provincialism Problem by Terry Smith

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Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Ep 227. Alison Flett: I don’t ken if I belong

Hindley Street via Scotland.

Show notes

Goodwood Books
Alison Flett’s latest book Where We Are
Alison’s poems Adelaide, I Dream You and Insects
Friendly Street Poets
Jill Jones
Ken Bolton
Little Windows
No Wave
Dominic Symes
The Undying by Anne Boyer
Judith Beveridge
Rachael Mead
Adam Ford’s Dance to the Anticlinal Fold tour
La Mama Poetica July
The Suburban Review’s Jumpstart a Journal program
David Motamed’s new radio show Ratbag Poetics
Ursula Robinson-Shaw’s YEARN MALLEY

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Ep 226. Kinds of heartbreak

Fake laughter in the rooftop bar.

Fresh Air by Kenneth Koch

With Hannah Gadsby’s ‘It’s Pablo-matic,’ the Joke’s on the Brooklyn Museum

The Songs We Know Best: John Ashbery’s Early Life by Karin Roffman

Brunswick Street Bookstore

Silent co-producer K

Ken Bolton

John Forbes: Australia’s Wunderkind introduced by Aidan Coleman

Brian Brodeur’s review of Rhyme’s Rooms: The Architecture of Poetry by Brad Leithauser

Terrible Love by The National

On Turning Fifty is included in Helen Garner’s True Stories

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Ep 225. Inside Upswell Publishing

“Please, even against the odds, think about this as a long-term prospect.”

Elizabeth Jolley
Terri-ann on The Garret
The immortal Collected Works
Admissions edited by David Stavanger, Radhiah Chowdhury & Mohammad Awad
Clean by Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Overland (or can I?)

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Ep 224. I can’t dance

Show me your pasodoble!

Show notes

None other than Matt Wall
Look at all those chickens
Elijah’s show Versecraft
The Case for Metre and Rhyme: Part 1 & Part 2
Bernadette slams old-school tools
Friend of the show Liam Ferney
Dropping Leaflets by Jena Osman
Tinx explains why we’re dating all wrong
Important meme 4 Anna
Robert Bly
SLEERICKETS Ep 110: Both Sides Eventually, ft. Alexis Sears
Louise Carter’s Golden Repair
Nathan Curnow
Two free verse ratbags discuss formal poetry
Phil Collins flubs at Live Aid
You’re a gutless wonder!

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Matthew explains why we’re dating all wrong: SLEERICKETS