Ep 261. Weird funemployment

Today’s best worker takes gardening leave.

Show notes

Come to the launch of Kate Middleton’s Television!

Asynchrony by Josephine Rowe

Ep 260. with Dom Symes

Weird Unemployment, Unusual Work by Louis Klee

A Hunger by Petra White

Ep 84. with Petra White 

Ep 221. with pi o and Collective Effort

The Instrument by Les Murray


Off the Record

Jas Duke 

Harry Reid

Ursula Robinson-Shaw

Gareth Morgan

Girlery, Superette & Moxie by Melinda Bufton

The right-to-disconnect laws

Ep 258. with Grace Yee

The Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards

Benjamin Frater

SLEERICKETS secret show Ep 84. Screeching at the Converted

On the Diaries of Helen Garner and the Quagmire of the Fictionalized Self

Ep 254. with Antonia Pont

Ann Marie-Priest

Gwen Harwood

Louise Carter

Jennifer Compton

Vibe Union

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