Ep 253. Stake night

Now, it’s all up to the judges.

Show notes

Love poem dedications coming up on Ratbag Poetics!

My interview with Matthew about his beautiful book Midlife

Ep 251. The Poet Eaters

Adam of Chewton

Ep 252. with Geoff Page

The Compulsive Reader

Me fail? I fly!

SLEERICKETS Ep 14: Motherfucker of the Arts on Ben Lerner’s The Lights

Hunter Publishers

Small Publishers and the Emerging Network of Australian Literary Prosumption by Emmett Stinson

Harry Reid, Ursula Robinson-Shaw and Gareth Morgan of sick leave

Shitheads: well are we doing this? by Gareth Morgan

My Tongue in My Own by Ann-Marie Priest

Creme de la Phlegm: Unforgettable Australian Reviews edited by Angela Bennie

Ania Walwicz

Chris Wallace-Crabbe reviews Damaged Glamour

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