Ep 260. Dom Symes: Trojan Horse of emotion

Stop rock climbing, interrogate your life.

Show notes

Dom Symes’ book I Saw the Best Memes of My Generation

Ken Bolton

Thom Gunn

Mick Jagger and David Bowie ‘were lovers’

La Mama Poetica

Ep 209. Funny ha ha

On The Beach: A Bicentennial Poem by John Forbes

If I Had a Gun by Gig Ryan

pi o

Ania Walwicz

The Hatred of Poetry by Ben Lerner

Ocean Vuong

Dropbear by Evelyn Araluen

Totem by Luke Davies

William Fox

Googlecholia by Michael Farrell

‘Bombala Boss’: Harry Reid in Conversation with Michael Farrell

Brunswick Bound

Starter pack memes

dumb sober bitch

Barbecue Shapes

Kevin watch the light dude

you feel so nice

ancient forgotten animal vines to watch when you’re depressed af

Joshua Mehigan

Weird Unemployment, Unusual Work by Louis Klee

fix by Michael Dransfield

Leave Me Alone by Harry Reid

When a Punk Becomes a Spunk by Gareth Morgan

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