Ep 260. Dom Symes: Trojan Horse of emotion

Stop rock climbing, interrogate your life.

Show notes

Dom Symes’ book I Saw the Best Memes of My Generation

Ken Bolton

Thom Gunn

Mick Jagger and David Bowie ‘were lovers’

La Mama Poetica

Ep 209. Funny ha ha

On The Beach: A Bicentennial Poem by John Forbes

If I Had a Gun by Gig Ryan

pi o

Ania Walwicz

The Hatred of Poetry by Ben Lerner

Ocean Vuong

Dropbear by Evelyn Araluen

Totem by Luke Davies

William Fox

Googlecholia by Michael Farrell

‘Bombala Boss’: Harry Reid in Conversation with Michael Farrell

Brunswick Bound

Starter pack memes

dumb sober bitch

Barbecue Shapes

Kevin watch the light dude

you feel so nice

ancient forgotten animal vines to watch when you’re depressed af

Joshua Mehigan

Weird Unemployment, Unusual Work by Louis Klee

fix by Michael Dransfield

Leave Me Alone by Harry Reid

When a Punk Becomes a Spunk by Gareth Morgan

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Ep 259. It means what it says

Sha-la-la-la, la-la-la, la.

Show notes

Sharks’ Teeth by Kay Ryan

Ratbag Poetics

Illness as Metaphor by Susan Sontag

The Volcano Lover

Past Present Future with David Runciman

Desperately Seeking Susan by Terry Castle

Against Interpretation

If Not, Winter (Carson’s Sappho)

Fagles’ Aeneid

Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock


Richard Brody

In America

The Bear

True Detective: Night Country

Walt Whitman: He Had His Nerve by Randell Jarrell

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Ep 258. Grace Yee: I did not anticipate this

Questioning the promised land.

Show notes

Chinese Fish by Grace Yee

The Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards

Grace’s interview with Liminal Magazine

Nadia Niaz

Ep 118. Alison Whittaker 

Ep 216. Mindy Gill

Ep 221. pi o and Collective Effort

Jess Wilkinson’s maironette: a biography of miss marion davies

Ep 251. The Poet Eaters (on reviews)

Ep 256. Antarctica

Yellow Notebook: Diaries Volume I 1978–1987 by Helen Garner

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Ep 257. Heartbreak Voltron

“The movie with Jason Alexander.”

Show notes

Ep 215. The collapsing building

Ep 235. Dorothy Porter’s Aeneas pt. 1

Here’s a playlist of all the songs

Love Again by Philip Larkin

Love Poem by John Forbes is in his Collected Poems

While We Were Arguing by Jane Kenyon

Confined Love by John Donne

Balkan by David Brooks is in The Balcony

When Desire’s Gone by Dorothy Porter is in her Love Poems

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Ep 255. Loose Unit

Dear Penguin Random House…

Show notes

Avenue Bookstore

Faber & Faber’s “liberty” poetry diary, normal poetry diary & journal

Feud: Capote vs. The Swans

Answered Prayers by Truman Capote

As You Know, Bob

Uncertainty Principle at Dawn by Catherine Barnett

Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets

Nightmare Magazine

Uncanny Magazine

Adam Ford

John Mateer

Ep 228. with Ken Bolton

Ep 253. Stake night

Apollo Bay by William Fox

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Ep 254. Antonia Pont: Good for nothing

Productivity & wellness tips for poets!

Show notes

Antonia Pont

The article we discuss isn’t published (yet), but I’m sure we can slip you a copy if you’d like…

Antonia’s essays The anatomy of a trigger, The Writer Antonia Pont vs. Envy and Against (the Very Idea of) Procrastination

Ep 122. Pessimism is very imprecise

Antonia’s collection You Will Not Know In Advance What You’ll Feel

Ep 247. The one about the flower

The fucking flower



Byung-Chul Han


Thanks Brian for “walk, eat & read”

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Ep 253. Stake night

Now, it’s all up to the judges.

Show notes

Love poem dedications coming up on Ratbag Poetics!

My interview with Matthew about his beautiful book Midlife

Ep 251. The Poet Eaters

Adam of Chewton

Ep 252. with Geoff Page

The Compulsive Reader

Me fail? I fly!

SLEERICKETS Ep 14: Motherfucker of the Arts on Ben Lerner’s The Lights

Hunter Publishers

Small Publishers and the Emerging Network of Australian Literary Prosumption by Emmett Stinson

Harry Reid, Ursula Robinson-Shaw and Gareth Morgan of sick leave

Shitheads: well are we doing this? by Gareth Morgan

My Tongue in My Own by Ann-Marie Priest

Creme de la Phlegm: Unforgettable Australian Reviews edited by Angela Bennie

Ania Walwicz

Chris Wallace-Crabbe reviews Damaged Glamour

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Ep 252. Geoff Page: The good, the bad, and the spondee

Vale Alex Phemister.

Show notes

Geoff Page’s latest books 101 Poems (2011-2021) and Penultima

Ep 251. The Poet Eaters

The Poet Tasters by Ben Etherington

Obscurity in Poetry: A Spectrum

Ep 215. The collapsing building

Ep 212. Paul Kane

Smiths Alternative

Geoff’s reviews in ABR

C.P. Cavafy

Bundah Forever!

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Ep 251. The Poet Eaters

Look at this ‘graph.

Show notes

My interview with Aaron Irwin

The Poet Tasters by Ben Etherington

milk and honey by Rupi Kaur

Kate Baer

Peter Craven

Martin Duwell’s Australian Poetry Review

Ep 196. James Jiang: A certain claustrophobia

The journals: Cordite, Australian Book Review, Rochford Street Review, Mascara, Southerly, Rabbit, Sydney Review of Books, Quadrant, foam:e, Meanjin, Westerly

If Selfies Could Talk by Elese Dowden

Leave Me Alone by Harry Reid

The Jaguar by Sarah Holland-Batt

Novelties by Fiona Hile

Body Poems by Anupama Pilbrow

You Deserve Happiness But I Deserve More by Daniel Swain

Unbidden: Settler Poetry in the Presence of Indigenous Sovereignty by Bonny Cassidy

Fishing for Lightning: The spark of poetry by Sarah Holland-Batt

Hate poetry? This impressive book might just change your mind by Geoff Page

Ratbag Poetics 19. pio’s poetry tour and some overland poems

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