Ep 210. Barron Field has entered the chat

Come on, boffins!

…show notes?!

The Barron Field Experience is Justin Clemens, Adam Bartlett & Bryan Cooke

Plato loves the drama

Justin Clemens’ new book A Foul Wind

Michel de Certeau 

John Forbes, one-liner queen

Francis Bacon’s idea of The Great Instauration

Poetry readings

Forms of rot

The State

Perpetual reform 

Tech bros

The new Tesla has wipers 

My previous chat with Justin 

Yes, Marx.

Nothing is safe 


Ah yes. Les Murray.

Poets just want to be loved

It’s laurel time

Plato’s apology

Pindaric odes

The Monkey’s Mask & Akhenaten by Dorothy Porter 

Poet as divine idiot 

The vaguely muffled scream 

Bad bad 70s philosophers


Damn, people loved that chat with James Jiang 

War machines

Evelyn Araluen

Ali Alizadeh

Lionel Fogerty 

Badiou’s encounter 

Socrates isn’t really anything

Just & unjust cities

They know about the transference!

Susie Orbach’s The Impossibility of Sex 

I totally didn’t ask about Barron Field at all

My EAP is Pascal’s sphere

Managers as parents 

I would prefer not to.


For real though listen to the one with Antonia Pont 

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