Ep. 80 Louise Carter: Totem vs. Interferon Psalms

I first spoke to Sydney poet Louise Carter about Luke Davies two years ago. Since then we’ve talked imposter syndrome and had many a cathartic poetry-related chat away from the mic. This time around, we dive deeper into Davies’ work, looking at Totem and Interferon Psalms from new angles.

Ep 79. A Horatian Ode for gin drinkers

I stumbled on J.D. McClatchy’s Late Night Ode very much by chance, but now it feels essential to me. It turns out it’s a Horatian ode about getting older and letting go (or attempting to).

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Ep 78. Lisa Gorton on Marianne Moore

What more can I say? Having this chat was a long-held dream come true. Listen as poet and novelist Lisa Gorton puts Moore’s poetic career in a broader context, discusses what libraries should really be doing with the poetry books they throw out, and what it’s like to make the final calls on a ‘Best’ collection.

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Ep 77. Notes from a writing retreat

At the end of May I had the chance to spend a full six days away from home at a writing retreat, working on poems. Here’s what I want to tell you about the things that became clear – about writing and not writing – while I was there.

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Ep 76. Will Druce with your Lorca 101

Latin American poetry is so vast and overwhelming! I don’t know where to start! Yep. But Will Druce is here with a rough guide to Federico García Lorca, a look at where his writing intersects with Frank O’Hara and Rimbaud, and plenty else to say about writing and reading outside English. We also chat about building and rebuilding poetry communities when moving around the world, not publishing, and straight up beauty.

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Ep 75. When Rumi is absolutely no help

Which poet is there for you when life gets particularly strange? Sorry Rumi, but it’s not you. Lately I’ve had cause to go back to Gertrude Stein and her beautifully strange poem Christian Bérard.

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Ep 74. Geraldine Burrowes on Michael Farrell and Claire Gaskin

Geraldine Burrowes came to poetry later in life from the world of visual art. We met in her beautiful apartment and talked about two poets who were influential in that transition – Michael Farrell and Claire Gaskin – along with what went into making her book pick up half under, out from the Rabbit Poets series. A warning: Geraldine’s enthusiasm for writing is highly infectious.

Ep 73. Inside a poetry workshop II: Erasure, cut-ups and villanelles

It’s a good day when you get to sit around a table with some friends and write something surprising. Here’s what happened when we tried our hands at cut-ups, erasure and the villanelle.

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