Ep 173. Follow the money

Following on from last week, David Latham from fund the arts shares some hair-curling statistics about arts funding as it stands in the lead-up to the federal election. If you want to know more about the campaign, you can find them on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

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Ep 172. The Wizards of OzCo

Unfortunately, your application was not successful on this occasion.

Ep 171. People you’ve never heard of

In/significance in poetry.

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Ep 170. Kent MacCarter: The publisher’s Kuiper Belt

The managing editor of Cordite on acceptances, rejections, guest editors, money, book making and risk.

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Ep 168. Cassandra Atherton: On finding your people

Cassandra Atherton is extremely patient with my prose poetry skepticism.

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Ep 167. Just like Scorsese

Drawing lines and immediately walking over them.

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Ep 166. Rachael Nielsen: “Quote unquote real poetry.”

Clutching my pearls over Instapoetry with Rachael Nielsen.

(Write to me! poetrysayspod@gmail.com)

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Ep 165. “This is why people hate poetry!”

Please give the academics more wine.

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Ep 164. Thabani Tshuma: “It’s just gonna work out.”

Extremely reasonable and talented human being Thabani Tshuma talks me off various ledges.

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