Ep 243. Pigs in the ocean

Inbox Zero.

Show notes

James Schuyler

This Dark Apartment

Ken Bolton & Peter Bakowski’s recent books Nearly Lunch, The Elsewhere Variations, On Luck Street & Waldo’s Game

Vale David Ferry

Matthew & I talk Horace

The Epistles of Horace

Grandfather advised me by Lorine Niedecker

The Poetry Foundation’s Ars Poetica

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Ep 242. Joshua Mehigan: Otherness people

TV party tonight!

Show notes

Joshua Mehigan

Brooklyn Poets

Josh’s poems Cold Turkey & The Cement Plant

The Optimist (2004) & Accepting the Disaster (2014)

Josh’s essay I Thought You Were A Poet


Ep 217. To know is not to cure (on obsession)

Ep 222. with Elijah


Johnny Tremain

Josh’s essay on his friendship with Edgar Bowers, Introduction to Poetry

Dick Davis

Gotham Book Mart

For Louis Pasteur & Amor Vincit Omnia by Edgar Bowers

Donald Justice

Catherine Tufariello

Josh on SLEERICKETS & a poem of his on Versecraft

King Lear

Thomas M. Disch

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Ep 241. Jon Sands meets a fan

Solving the mystery of The Poetry Gods.

Show notes

The Poetry Gods

Hosts Jon Sands, Aziza Barnes & José Olivarez

Buy U A Drank by T-Pain

Urban Word NYC

Terrance Hayes

Mahogany L. Browne

Poetry Off the Shelf


Emotional Historians

Willie Perdomo

Paul Tran

Tim Seibles


Jeanann Verlee

Patricia Smith

Cave Canem


praise song by Nate Marshall

You Are Who I Love by Aracelis Girmay

Ratbag Poetics

Versecraft To My Artist Friends Part 1

SLEERICKETS Ep 123: Come Back, Bill

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Ep 240. Hooroo to all that

“…the conviction that nothing like this, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, has ever happened to anyone before.”

Show notes

Top three Brooklyn bookshops: Unnameable Books, Troubled Sleep, Freebird Books

Reverse Cowgirl & Raving by McKenzie Wark

Whitman in Black by Ted Berrigan

R. A. Villanueva

A Perfect Mess by Mary Karr

Death, an Ode by John Forbes

This Dark Apartment by James Schuyler

Ep 239. Lunch with Eileen Myles

“Make shit up. And that includes your life.”

Show notes

Pam Brown

I must be living twice: new and selected poems 1975 -2014 by Eileen Myles

Thomas Wyatt

Measure for Measure

Bernadette Mayer

Alice Notley

The Ferguson Report: An Erasure by Nicole Sealey

Judy Grahn

Jonathan Swift

The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo

Gareth Morgan’s wonderful chapbook Dear Eileen,

SLEERICKETS Ep 125: The Reheater of Memories

Ep 238. Awkward.


Show notes

Sorry, Neighbourhood Books

Hello to the guy at Brunswick Second Hand Books

Ep 187. Peak poetry

Noel & Russell dubbed themselves The Goth Detectives…

Meet Me In The Bathroom (2022)

LA 92 (2017)

The episode on Canberra

Cringe by ContraPoints

Europe Endless by John Forbes (towards the end of this great article)

The episodes on John Forbes

What a cool guy

Brian introduces himself to Damien Hirst

Ep 236. with Caroline Williamson

Or you could listen to Nonsense and crying, the one with Antonia Pont, the one with David Brooks, the one with Barron Field or the one with Matthew on The Mountain Goats.

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Ep 237. Dorothy Porter’s Aeneas pt. 2

“…you can’t sweeten me and I can’t comfort you.”

Aeneas Remembers Domestic Bliss by Dorothy Porter

Thank you (in order of appearance): Stu, Matthew, Shona (& Leela), Andrea, Felicity, Bec, Zara, Ethan, Anna, Liam, and Lou.

Dorothy Porter books referenced: The Bee Hut, Crete, The Monkey’s Mask, Akhenaten

Matthew’s poem Another Achilles

Ep 236. Sincerely, Caroline Williamson

The biscuits were actually pretty good in the end.

Time Machines by Caroline Williamson

Sonic Poetry Festival

sick leave

Compass Pizza

John Olsen

Paul Klee

Frank O’Hara

Ken Bolton

Pam Brown

Gerry Burrowes

Michael Farrell

Newcastle Poetry Prize

Gareth Morgan

Harry Reid

Adelstrop by Edward Thomas

Matt, Matthew, Elijah

Philip Larkin

Judith Rodriguez

Tom Shapcott

Marilyn Hacker

Jennifer Compton

Episode on literary bankruptcy

The Dorothy Porter episode

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A deeply sincere poetry podcast: SLEERICKETS

Ep 235. Dorothy Porter’s Aeneas pt. 1

“We were never married, Dido.”

Joshua Mehigan

Last year’s Forbes eps: part 1 & part 2

Dorothy Porter

Aeneas Remembers Domestic Bliss

Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas

Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton

The Aeneid 

Lou = Louise Carter

Christopher Brennan Award

The Monkey’s Mask

The Bee Hut

Love Poems

The Concise Oxford Companion to Classical Literature

My Tongue is My Own by Ann-Marie Priest


Madeline Sami

Dorothy Porter: A Tribute (ABC documentary)

David Malouf

Andrea Goldsmith

Heat (1995)

Can you believe there was a Victorian Women Writers’ Train?

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Ep 234. Not reading My Life

Declaring literary bankruptcy.

Lyn Hejinian’s My Life
Jess Wilkinson
Bonny Cassidy
Language poetry
Ron Silliman’s The Alphabet
ModPo video on My Life
Dr. Elese Dowden
Ground Provisions by Tonika Sealy Thomson Stefano Harney
Matthew’s excellent interview with Shane McRae
The Brick interview with Percival Everett
Mythology by Edith Hamilton
True Stories by Helen Garner
Time Capsule by David Ireland
Paradise Books
Sainsburys Books (Camberwell not Hawthorn, great poetry collection)
Crazy Woman by Anne Elder
Ask Me by Fay Zwicky
DMZ Colony by Don Mee Choi
Against (the Very Idea of) Procrastination by Antonia Pont
Outro: I don’t want to play in your yard by Peggy Lee

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