Ep 27. Tricia Dearborn on relaxing about writing

Talking to Tricia Dearborn was a really good reality check for a stress bunny writer like myself. We covered everything from routine to writing last lines, along with Tricia’s connection to chemistry, favourite poets like Vicki Feaver, and definitions of ecopoetry.

Tricia brings us Maggie Nelson’s poem ‘Green’ from Something Bright, Then Holes (check out Maggie’s interview on creativity here). This links up with one of Tricia’s new poems that’s about to appear in Cordite’s Confession issue. Then we get a sneak preview of ‘Hydrogen’, forthcoming in The Canberra Times.

Towards the end we chat about two more poems – Mapping the Cactus and The Quiet House – and Tricia’s ideas on feedback, writers groups, and the potential of a nice, messy draft.