Ep 207. Ask Me Anything

Hang on, I’m telling a story.

To recap:

I like Philip’s poems

All hail Queen Joan

Do not sign up for Letterboxd under any circumstances

Yes I watched Showgirls (1995)

You Don’t Nomi (2019) is pretty good

Jan Zwicky’s Lyric Philosophy sounds like a smart book

I’ve never read any Robert Bly

I mispronounced Tomas Tranströmer (I also said “similar” when I meant “dissimilar”)

Joshua Mehigan’s Cold Turkey forever

In my mind Ethan lives inside the show Siesta Key

Shut up Morrissey

If you like You Cooked For Me you’ll love Tori’s intro to the live version of Sugar

Is Luke Davies busy or just not into me?

Seriously do not ask me about Merlin you will regret it

How”s My punctuation bruz>?

Ugh John Forbes is such a Bukowski

Imagine avoiding a song like Training Montage

Rich’s Integrity isn’t perfect but it is excellent

Christ, the Savage Lovecast is still going

The Body Politic robbed me of precious sleep

Stop listening and watch Old Joy (2006)

Ok now go listen to SLEERICKETS

Music by my girlfriend Laura