Ep 6. Judith Wright: When your conscience catches up with you

‘Appreciation of poetry, one out of 10 or whatever it might be, is quite alien to what a poet feels about poetry.’ So says Judith Wright, a poet I’ve avoided far longer than I want to admit…

Read today’s poem Eroded Hills, check out the Guardian’s obituary for Wright and learn more about her at the Judith Wright Centre.

Ep 5. Basho: It’s ok to fail at mindfulness

If the proliferation of posters, t-shirts, mugs and grocery bags urging you towards ‘mindfulness’ is starting to grate, 17th century haiku master Basho has your back in today’s episode.

Read Jane Hirshfield’s beautiful translation or check out the Japanese version (which I stuffed up by pronouncing the first character ‘Kyoto’ instead of ‘Kyo’…here’s a Japanese cuckoo to make up for that).

Ep 4. Cristina Haraba on Eminescu: Bohemian? Conservative? Buddhist?

At first, Romania’s national poet Mihai Eminescu seems like your standard tragic Romantic poet. But as Cristina Haraba explains, he’s much actually much more human than that.

Read today’s poem With life’s tomorrow time you grasp and find out more about its translator Corneliu M. Popescu and the Popescu Prize.