Ep 37. Magdalena Ball on Samuel Wagan Watson

Compulsive reader (and ModPo classmate) Magdalena Ball chats with me about the event that stopped her latest novel in its tracks and resulted in her new collection of poetry – Unmaking Atoms. We also take a close look at Samuel Wagan Watson’s intriguing poem A one ended boomerang.

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Ep 36. Poetry basics: It doesn’t even rhyme!

People have complicated feelings about rhyme. Today I’m looking at seven types of rhyme based on Poetry Foundation’s glossary to see how cringeworthy it really is.

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Ep 35. Corey Wakeling: Having fun with the ANZAC

Two larrikins asking what you’re into, Merlions toasting at your table, a pig showing off – Australia is pretty hilarious when you think about it…

I’m so grateful to Corey Wakeling for walking me through the fantastic Michael Farrell poem ‘An Australian Comedy’ in this episode, which you can find in his 2015 collection Cocky’s Joy.

We also talk about another Farrell collection, Break Me Ouch, along with what it’s like to move away from your poetic community after finding your place, and Corey’s upcoming visit to Oz.

Ep 34. Poetry basics: Got rhythm?

When my friend asked me to explain how rhythm works in poetry I thought I’d have no trouble…until I opened my poetry encyclopedia.

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And if you’re keen, a little more on those fascinating names for feet and metre.

Ep 33. Jessica Wilkinson on poetic biography

How do you tell a life story through a poem? For Jessica Wilkinson, poetry can go much further than straightforward biography. In this interview she talks about discovering Susan Howe, working with (not against) a self-confessed short attention span, and founding the fantastic Rabbit poetry journal.

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Ep 32. Cid Corman’s poetry of blank spaces

Cid Corman isn’t afraid to ask unanswerable questions or to leave most of a page blank. In today’s episode he’s asking the question straight up: ‘Is this a poem?’

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