Ep. 11 Stuart Barnes on Harwood, Plath, centos and Glasshouses

In today’s bumper episode I get to have an in-depth chat with Queensland-based poet Stuart Barnes. We cover how he came to poetry through none other than Tasmanian poet Gwen Harwood, then dive into Sylvia Plath’s poem Ariel. We also talk about the art of the remix poem, how to write a cento, and the upcoming launch of Stu’s first book, Glasshouses, out from University of Queensland Press.  

In this episode:

Ep 10. Ted Berrigan: Poem as photo album

The wonderful PoemTalk podcast tackled Ted Berrigan’s 3 Pages back in 2008. For this episode, I’m jumping in with my own interpretation of this ever-shifting poem.

Listen to Berrigan’s amazing reading here. And if you have your own ideas about this (or any other) poem, get in touch.

Ep. 9 Loma writes for Orlando, Whitman speaks through time

Since reading All the dead boys look like me, a poem for Orlando by Christopher Soto (aka Loma), I’ve understood the tragedy that happened there in an entirely new way. I’ve also been thinking about Walt Whitman’s all-encompassing poem Crossing Brooklyn Ferry – a poem that seems to have no boundaries.

If you like the sound of the poetry course I mention this week, you can sign up for ModPo here.

Ep 8. Louise Carter on Duffy, Davies, doubt and humour

I had a blast talking to Sydney-based poet Louise Carter today about UK poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy and Australian poet Luke Davies. We cover everything from self-doubt to housemates, how copywriting sometimes leads to poetry and what it’s like to have tea with your poetry idol. For bonus points, check out: